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Marketing and advertising are being changed with the help of augmented reality (AR). Industry analyst firm ARtillery Intelligence states that global AR advertising revenue has grown from approximately $500 million in 2019 to $1.41 billion in 2020 and is expected to exceed $8 billion by the end of 2024.

In our fast-moving world business owners and marketers always have to come up with new ideas on how to promote their goods and services, that is why WebAR (web-based augmented reality) was created to help them successfully engage consumers virtually wherever they are.

There are many reasons why WebAR should be part of your marketing plans. Here are 5 of them:

  1. Consumers can experience WebAR wherever they are

    Whether it's a clown that runs into a portal, a soda bottle that comes to life to tell you about its history, or a candy bear dancing to a new song, thanks to AR your consumers can experience it anywhere. This way the consumer becomes a part of an extraordinary digital experience and spends more time interacting with your product which leads to increased brand loyalty and recall.

    According to a recent Accenture report, 50% of consumers would recall top brands that used immersive technologies on a regular basis, also, 47% of them are sure that immersive technologies make them more attached to the products.

  2. WebAR can easily reach consumers

    There are around 3 billion people using smartphones on iOS and Android platforms who can easily experience WebAR as 8th Wall technology supports them. What is more, the range is even wider for 8th Wall WebAR Face Effects that can be used on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers with a webcam.

    It is obvious that WebAR campaigns are very successful as they can reach so many consumers. One of the examples is K5 Factory and 3ltr Werbung & Film’s case for Müller Milchreis, an international dairy products producer. Consumers were given a QR code that they were asked to scan, so they could see an AR character that opened the lid to tell them if they are lucky to win a prize. As statistics shows, this experience was activated over 1 million times.

  3. No need to download any apps for WebAR

    One of the biggest obstacles to implementing augmented reality was downloading the app. WebAR eliminates this friction completely. To get started with WebAR right away on the phone's browser consumers simply should click on a link or scan a QR code. WebAR does not require any extra steps to use it, and also allows the consumers to share this experience with their families and friends, which helps it spread even more.

  4. WebAR works along with your current marketing strategies

    WebAR can be easily integrated into all parts of a comprehensive marketing plan as it is browser-based. There are plenty of ways how to distribute WebAR links: as part of a newsletter via email, SMS, or even push notification. It can also be used as a target for any digital signage. A QR code can be printed on packaging or ads posters, displayed on a TV screen or shop windows, can be shown at various events. WebAR can also be built right into the brand's website and used in different ways on social networks.

  5. WebAR shows impressive results

    Leading brands in diverse industries are already using WebAR. Accenture says 64% of major consumer brands tend to invest in immersive experiences nowadays. WebAR experience shows ROI, including massive usage and high engagement with the consumers.

    AR marketing is more than entertainment. It is a unique way to emotionally connect with your consumer. Thanks to its massive reach and convenience, WebAR is ready today to reach your consumers anywhere and help you successfully achieve your marketing goals.


Our experience


AR clown for the candy brand Ricolino

The clown is the main symbol of the company. The idea of the project is that a person scans the QR code that is located on an advertising poster for sweets. After that, the camera opens and the clown appears in augmented reality, after the animation he calls to download the application of the company.

AR bear for Ozuna's song promotion

Augmented reality was uploaded to the site caramelo-ozuna.com. When users visit the website, AR-bear appears next to them, dancing to the music. Then users can take a photo with the bear and share this photo on Instagram.

AR game for book

The AR object was placed on a book page. The game begins when the camera is pointed at the graphic mark. After the end of the game, the user has the opportunity to save the results on the site.

Trying on a helmet in AR

Using the phone's selfie camera, the user can try on a branded space helmet. After this he can take a photo and share it on Instagram.

AR fortune cup

To see the prediction, a person goes to the site and then points the camera at the cup. The image on the mug triggers a 3D animation, and after clicking the button, it shows the user a random prediction.

AR map of company's branches

The AR object was placed on a book page. It launches when the camera is pointed at the graphic mark. AR object is an interactive 3D map with pins. When the user clicks on a pin, detailed information about the corresponding branch appears: statistics, a photo gallery, and a detailed map.

AR report for shareholders

The AR object was placed on a book page. It launches when the camera is pointed at the graphic mark. Augmented reality is an interactive 3D chip with buttons and a screen. When the button is clicked, the corresponding animation and video fragment is launched.